A Nation Under

“A Nation Under”
Howling in temptation
our hopes were dressed in damnation
the rain could not drink us apart
This, was, . . . a sun kissed devastation
“Back to tomorrow you weeping irony”
said he to the nation
like a forest in solitude
its flag wheeled admiration
Woe your childless fixation
bastard anew the plantations . . .
untold were these stories of hopeless mistakens
– me, inspired by current news and procrastination

It is so insane to see where this country [U.S.A.] can easily go. While to great places, currently often dark places. Lately, ignorance is ruling the hearts of ignorant minds and blindly bestowing power on those who know not what power means. Pray for our country, it hold the coin of god but not the worth. This country is proud and headstrong but vulnerable to the strength of weak minds dressed in sheep’s clothing.


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